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As people, we will travel many different paths, much like an application; Ironically the lifecycle of software development. There will be times when these paths take us on unforgettable adventures. Other times they are paths we would rather not take again. The direction we go is guided by our values, our intuition and whatever external powers may be. What we don't realize is, it's never too late to change that path.

With the development of my new family, I have decided it's time to turn on that hyperbole path to.Where I can find a path to a more rewarding future. A path to a career where I can grow, learn and build a solid supporting foundation.

I'm looking for a long term career opportunity where my back-end skills and coding experience can become a part of a great team, building creative software solutions. Where I can continue to learn and grow without bounds.

Ryan Crawford

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I’m a Diverse and Multifaceted Asset Ready to Be a Part of Your Team

I have a strong Node JS & PHP skill set with my current focus on the MERN stack. I have always stayed relevant, while embracing and learning the newest technologies and trends. My background is in ecommerce and small business integrations. I have over 10 years of experience in designing, developing, coding and maintaining these systems.

I prefer backend development but have the experience to develop in both environments where UI/Designer teams are limited. I have a formal education in Nodejs & Express and several other modern frameworks like Mongojs, Handlebars and Sequelize

I'm a motivated team player that is intuitive, smart, egger and creative problem solver that doesn't take “It can’t be done.” for an answer. So, let’s create something, I'm ready, are you?

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